New Uses for Old Cribs

As a result of the new crib standards that were released in December 2010, ALL cribs manufactured before July 2011 will need to be replaced by December 28, 2012. This massive recall will cause cribs to be hitting the curb in high numbers. Rather than simply pitching your old cribs in the garbage, try some of these creative ways of recycling. Be sure no matter what you do, you disassemble them in a way that they cannot be re-used as a crib.

  • Remove plexiglass from end panels, drill holes in it and hang on a fence with zip ties for outdoor art projects.
  • Frame the plexiglass and mount to the wall, slide children’s artwork behind the plexiglass as a display.
  • Remove mirrored ends and mount to wall.
  • Remove solid end panels, attach 2 ends together to form an easel and paint ends with magnetic paint or chalkboard paint.
  • Cut side rails into 12 inch lengths, sand smooth and use as rhythm sticks.
  • Remove side rails and use as a drying rack.
  • Cover old mattresses with a waterproof cover and crib sheet and place in a corner for a cozy area.
  • Remove side rails to create a gate.

For more information on the crib recall, visit the US Consumer Product Safety Commission Website.